April Cardwell, Sugar Sak Founder
Sugar Sak Founder, April Cardwell
The Sugar Sak bag

The Idea

The Sugar Sak was invented by April Cardwell  in 2006.

April began her career as a self-employed cosmetologist.  During her 18 years in this line of work, she realized that cosmetology was synonymous with a therapist or priest at confession.  She was surprised and intrigued by how freely women spoke about their relationships, love, sex – and how they enjoyed the company of various, adult toys. Clients would talk about the different toys they had and which ones worked the best. 

April’s entrepreneurial instinct prompted her to research the adult toy industry to see if there was an opportunity that someone had missed. And voila! The Sugar Sak was invented. April had discovered that there were no “safe” toy storage products currently on the market.

A Safer Product

In 2006, April partnered up with BioShield 75™, and they established an exclusive relationship. “Adult toys can be subjected to some rather vigorous activity,” she says, “and I wanted to be sure there was a safe place for them to go after usage. We tested the Sugar Sak several times to insure that it was going to meet our goals, and it did.” Lab tests demonstrated that the SugarSak coupled with BioShield 75™ prevented harmful fungi- and bacteria-causing infections such as yeast and urinary tract infections. Of course, toys should always be properly cleaned after use, but now there is also a safe bag in which to store them.

The industry has made an emphasis on fostering a healthy element while continuing to enhance self-pleasure, sexuality and relationships. The Sugar Sak’s popularity has grown tremendously over the last several years.  We’re happy to be a part of this healthier movement, and we will continue to focus our efforts in this direction.

You can contact April at april@sugarsak.com.